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Soccer Match Predictor

Shareware Developer NeuralBet

With the help of advanced algorithms based on neural networks this revolutionary software will predict soccer match results ...

Baseball Predictor

Shareware Developer NeuralBet

Baseball Predictor is a revolutionary software that will predict baseball (MLB) game results ...

Bf Bot Manager

Shareware Developer Sodens Limited

Bf Bot Manager is a bot management system for Betfair. Bf Bot Manager software is official solution for Betfair NG-API, Betdaq ...

Betting Assistant For Betdaq

Betting Assistant For Betdaq is a free-to-use trading tool. Main features: - Dutching facility ...

Bet Angel (BETDAQ)

Freeware Developer Bet Angel Limited.

Bet Angel is state of the art software designed for use on betting exchanges. Bet Angel sits between you and the exchange ...


Shareware Developer Betbotpro.com

BetBotPro is a brand new Automated Betfair API Software which will charge your betting activities even while you are away from your ...


Freeware Developer Binteko Software

DaqBot is designed to help you start trading on BetDaq. Main features: - The Ladder Interface - ...

Horse Racing Predictor

Shareware Developer NeuralBet

Horse Racing Predictor DOESN'T throw tons of horse statistic data just to impress you! Features: - ...

Betdaq Assistant

Freeware Developer gruss-software

Betfair Betting Assistant removes a lot of the time-consuming steps between you making a decision to bet, then your money hitting ...

GHB Lite Betdaq

Betdaq Refresh

Freeware Developer GRuss Software

Betddaq Refresh displays a pop up where you can input your required refresh rate. The script works by creating ...

Grey Horse Bot Betdaq

BXTrader for Betdaq

Freeware Developer BeloSoft

What Betfair Trading Software offers is a software you can use for betfair betting exchanges to bet or trade. The tool which gives you ...


BETDAQ Trader (Build 81020J)


Developer Lnexx

OddzBreaker is a powerful front-end interface for all serious Betfair users. "See well for betting ...

BETDAQ Trader (Build 81218J)

BETDAQ Trader (Build 90430J)


Demo Developer FishTable.org

FishTable is a service to find weak players in the Entraction poker network. FishTable poker scanner It's poker table scanner for Entraction ...

BETDAQ Trader (Build 101208J)

To open a market, drill down through the left navigation and click on the market name you want. This will load the market ...

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